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The wrought iron products have proven their essential role both in interior and exterior of the buildings.  They are not just some work of art – they add unique elegance and coziness to your home. They impart eternity against the variable and constantly shifting trends. Our products are handmade and all of the details are carefully finished which makes them unique.


You will be surprised to know how many household items can be made from wrought iron – doors, fences, railings, bedframes, screens, tables, chairs, wine racks, mirrors, cornices, candle holders and more. There is such wide a variety that you probably won’t be able to choose quickly your home decorations. This is why our specialists will pay close attention and help you to make the right choice. In order to be sure that you will be fully satisfied by the results, we offer you 3D visualization in order to get realistic presentations of your project plan and to eliminate errors at the very outset.

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One of the most substantial points in the manufacturing of wrought iron products is the metal’s treatment. Apart from the standard treatment with primer, alkyd paint and varnishing, our company provides variable ways of metal treatment, so that their beauty and grace will be kept in time.


Galvanizing is the most efficient means of protecting the metal from corrosion. Its affordable price and quality makes it ideal for exterior items since it protects the products from influence of weather. After galvanizing the metal doesn’t need additional treatment which saves much maintenance costs. Combined with powder coating, the wrought iron becomes practically perpetual.

Polder Coating

Powder coating is the best option for painting metal products because unlike ordinary paint, the powder coating endures adverse conditions. It is ecologically friendly and doesn’t pollute the environment. We provide wide color varieties and can guarantee high quality of products and short-term implementation.


Patina is a chemical process that imparts antiquity in newly made objects and usually takes many years to develop under natural weathering. This is why we add patinas deliberately as a part of the original design and decoration of fences and furniture. Patinas can provide a protective covering to materials that would otherwise be damaged by corrosion. Thanks to the wide color range we make different artistic combinations that make wrought iron looks unique and vintage.